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Schoolbase Online




Designing New Science Centre

Nano&me - a website devoted to answering all questions about nanotechnology

Teaching Advanced Physics - A resource website for Physics teachers

Energy Foresight - Resources for teachers

Energy Resources - Includes quizzes and video clips

Furry Elephant - Excellent revision for Radioactivity and Electricity. Get the username and password from the vle or your physics teacher.

Wolframalpha - a computational knowledge engine

Live Ship movements in the Solent - courtesy of John Ambler

Library - various services

Homework High - Award winning website from Channel 4 Learning that offers personalised homework help from qualified teachers

University of Surrey Schools & Colleges Website

Weather station - Live feed from the weather station on the science centre roof (based in Portsmouth UK)

Sound effects - hmm

Gabble - Creates a code image for a sentence

Socrative - Interactive quiz making tool

Wordle - Lovely word clouds

Padlet - allows you to upload images etc. on to a virtual "wall"

Feynman lectures online - as it says


Insights - World Economic Forum