Ben Goad


Magic Pen - loads of physics

Fantastic Contraption - and here too

Science Friction - guide an air puck around a table

Shifty the Robot - Very simple, good for little kids

Operation Asteroid - Asteroid shoot 'em up

Serious Physics - Quite tricky - using a combination of circular motion and Gravity

Electronica Island - Produced by plugin2engineering. This game takes you through the tasks needed to be a engineer in the energy industry

Bio Dome, Bridge Building, Colour Matching - Three games from the Smallpeice Trust

Cargo Bridge - Another great engineering challenge (thanks to K.F. for sending the link)

Sumdog - Some fun maths games

Lasers & Mirrors - From Cartoon Network

Lunar Lander - from Phet, great fun

Electric Field Hockey - from Phet, difficult

Gravitee 2 - Golf in space

Launchball - a nice one from the National Science Museum (Physics/Engineering challenges)

Gravitas -